Jeremy Gonzalez

Developer Eh?


Ramble, Ramble, Ramble...

Well by now you can guess my name is Jeremy Gonzalez. By day I am a Project Manager and by night I am full stack developer based out of Vancouver, BC. I also build, host websites and code mobile applications when I can find the free time. I love learning new things so I'm always trying to stay on top of trends. My go-to technologies include: Javascript, PHP, Python, Aurelia, C/C++.

My story is a little different from most developers. I actually went to school for Civil Engineering Technology, a completely unrelated field to development. Why you ask me? I was young and naive at the time. I knew my passion was for development which is what led me to switch careers in my early 30s!

Lately I've been very focused on SPA (Single Page Application) development. I have been using Aurelia extensively since early 2016.


I sure does. I can build and host your next website, or if you have a current website and are tired of the current host I can help you out. I have experience with Wordpress and other Content Management Systems.


Need help on a single page or mobile application? Shoot me an email at I'm always available for a chat, throw any ideas good or bad at me and let's see where it goes!